We are a portuguese sports tourism company that organizes training camps, coach education tours, football schools, tournaments and other activities for clubs, schools, universities and athletes of all ages.

We only work with the best and we are very proud of our partnerships with top clubs and venues used by professional clubs and national teams.

Our experience and knowledge along with the passion that our team has for sports will provide a trip of a lifetime.

The sports travel experience

Hugo Ribeiro // Owner and Founder

Hugo is an entrepeneur with a huge passion for sports. He has been involved in sports since ever, as a player, coach, scout, technical director and obviously as a fan. Football is one of his passions, but also handball,  tennis, rugby and swimming. Holds a degree in Physical Education with expertise in football. Football took him all over the world and he had the privilege to work in the USA for 14 in months in several diferent projects envolving coaching, creating a scouting system and also finding girls with portuguese background to play for the National team. After that he has also worked in a great project of academy development in Spain, UK and Portugal. As a coach he had the oportunity to work in some of the biggest clubs in Portugal as Sport Lisboa e Benfica and Sporting Club of Portugal, among others. Following sports events around the world also help him to pursue other of his favorite things, travel with his family.

João Ribeiro // Managing Director

João has already years of experience in the sports tourism activity. A sports passionate who practiced basketball, football, futsal and athletics over the last 20 years and was a football and futsal coach for 4 years. All the contacts he has done throughout the years, his knowledge and experience in sports are the best ingredients to develop high quality sports events. Fluent in English and Spanish, he has also great capacities of leadership and incredible team spirit. With his master degree in Usability and User Experience he is also responsible for the website and the social networks content.

Marcelo Almeida // Operations Director

Marcelo is a natural born communicator and a sports enthusiast. He has played football in several teams since a young age but has focused his professional career in Tourism and Hospitality – his second passion. His latest experiences go from living and working in Iceland and opening a tourism company which purpose is to promote the cultural sectors of Sesimbra and being involved in non profit organisations willing to stop ocean plastic pollution. He joined Easy Sports Solutions in 2017 and has been a key player on coordinating tours and experiences for first time visitors and recurrent ones, making sure their time in Portugal is spent in the most amazing and unforgettable way.

Raquel Castelbranco // Racket Sports Coordinator

Raquel has a degree in Law and is currently taking a master degree in the same subject. She is a paddle player and she also enjoys other sports as tennis and swimming. Her free time is spent listening to music, reading a book or going to the cinema. She works in the development of main event of Paddle at the Nacional Padel club having also created the facebook page “é_PADEL!”. Fluent in english and french Raquel has high skills in terms of organization, communication and a huge motivation to work as a team.

Débora Nabais // Tour Director

Débora was born in Sesimbra. She loves art and she is always seeking to learn more about her country’s heritage. She has a degree on Art & Heritage and a Master on Arts Management. She lived and studied in Italy and her passion for foreign languages made her take part on courses of Spanish, English, Italian and Mandarin. After graduating, Débora was involved in several projects related to art sales and later to tourism, as a tourism guide and for TAP passenger services at the Lisbon Airport.